Privacy Policy Information Note

Dear Sir/Madame,
The Italian Government Decree issued under Parliamentary Delegation nr. 196 of 2003 safeguards the personal data privacy and it imposes a series of obligations to the ones who process personal information referred to other subjects.

Among the most important obligations that the law sets out there is the one that imposes to inform the parties concerned and to obtain their agreement to the processing, above all for the processing activities that imply the data communication to other people.

Pursuant to the aforementioned law, such processing shall be performed pursuant to principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency with the safeguarding of Your privacy and rights.

Pursuant to Article 13 of such law, we hereby inform You that the processing of personal data that you will voluntarily supply can possibly be aimed, according to the situations, to the following targets:

Execution of business relations such as the defining, the management and the completion of contracts

  • Laws compliances related to accounting and tax rules
  • Administrative management of the stipulated contracts
  • Information and up-dating of the marketing services, statistics, market analysis, advertisement
  • related to the management of the ordinary business relations
  • for the filling of registry lists
  • the customers/suppliers accounting keeping
  • the invoicing
  • the creditor management
  • for the fulfilment of all the current regulation obligations.

Your data can also be processed for internal targets such as:

  • statistics
  • market research
  • commercial communications
  • sending of technical documentation

The optional sending, explicit and voluntary, of electronic mail to the addresses indicated in this web site implies the following acquisition of the sender’s address that is necessary in order to answer to the requirements and of all other personal data included into the message.

In presence of data that can be qualified as sensitive the message will be immediately destroyed.

The processing can be performed by properly designated subjects both by means of information and manual instruments, in compliance with all the proper precautions in order to guarantee the information safety and privacy.

Your data can be communicated to third parties only and exclusively because of technical and operative needs closely related to the a.m. targets and in particular to the following categories of subjects:

A. authorities, professionals, companies or other structures designated by us for the processing connected to the execution of the administrative, accounting and management requirements related to the ordinary development of our business activity, also for credit recovery purposes;

B. to the public authorities and administrations for the purposes linked to the legal requirements execution;

C. banks, financial institutes or other subjects to whom your data transfer is necessary for the developing of our company activity connected to the discharge, on our part, of the contractual obligations towards You;

D. our company agents;

E. possible runners and partners;

F. forwarding agents for the related goods transportations;

G. credit recovery companies;

H. solicitors;

I. lawyers;

J. persons in charge of the safeguard, both in judicial and in extrajudicial stage, of the contractual obligations discharge You are a part of;

K. banking companies;

L. consultants and professionals;

M. administration of finance company and other public corporations, both because of law requirements and upon their request


The data communication is voluntary and the refusal of supplying these data has no consequences. It can only imply the non prosecution of the relationship.

The representative for processing is: Adelio Lattuada S.r.l. with headquarter in via Abbondanza 11/13, 22070 Carbonate (Como).

Navigation data
During their normal job the computer systems and the software procedures in charge of the web site working acquire some personal data, the transmission of which is implicit during the Internet communication protocols working. We specify that this web site holder does not acquire the a.m. information.

No users’ personal data is acquired by the web-site.
Neither cookies for the transmission of personal information nor persistent cookies of any kind or users tracing systems are used. This site does not even use session cookies (which are not permanently memorized on the user’s PC and that will vanish with the browser closing).

Customers’ data
The customers’ personal data are collected because of previous business relationships.

Curriculum Vitae
As far as concerns the spontaneous candidacies for professional collaborations, we would like to inform that whoever wants to spontaneously send his curriculum vitae or his personal profile will have to take care of not writing sensitive data. If not it will be immediately destroyed. We point out, in particular, that the personal data contained in the curricula can be kept for a maximum period of two years in case of possible future professional collaborations.

Further information 
The user can send to the specified address its suggestions and comments.
We inform that the possible transmission of data by e-mail cannot reach absolute safety levels. So it is in charge of the User to verify the correctness of the his personal data and eventually up-date or modify them during the processing. It’s also in charge of the User the adoption of suitable safety measures in order to avoid the danger of interception, loss, changing or destruction of the e-mail messages.

Rights of interested party 
In the end we inform you that, according to current provisions of the law (art.7 of D.lgs.196/2003), at any time you can in writing ask to update, integrate, correct or change Your personal data, as of right.
If you need to access to your data, (according to art. 7 of D.Lgs. 196/2003 Italian law), please notify your requests to the legal seat of the company, with seat in Carbonate, via Abbondanza, 11/13 – Cap 22070. Tel. +39 0331832713, Fax +39 0331833886 – E-mail:
For any request art. 7 of D.Lgs. 196/2003 must be quoted in the reference.